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Classes expanded to include all family members    

7-years-old and up!



Mondays & Wednesdays from 5:15PM - 6:00 PM in the main basketball gym on the first floor.
Saturday classes will be held at 11:15AM in the Multipurpose Room upstairs.



Sensei Noss to attend SHIHAN OSHIRO's biannual Yamanni Ryu Seminar on March 8th, 9th & 10th in Mountain View , CA


Photo from October 2011 Seminar



Shihan Minakami Recieves

Medal in Washington DC

President of Hayashi-Ha USA
Shihan Minakami with the Japanese Ambassidor in Washington DC
Shihan Minakami was recently honored to be invited to the Japanese Embassy in Washington, DC to perform a demonstration of karate and kobudo for US citizens who helped in the tsunami relief effort.  Shihan was awarded a medal for being an Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Japan to the United States of America for the demonstration.

Month to Month Enrollment Extended 

El Dorado Hills Sports Club and Sensei Noss are now permitting students in both the youth and adult classes to sign up month to month.
For those students that want to save on their instruction fees, quarterly enrollment remains available as well.
Please contact Sensei Noss with any questions.

Sensei Noss successfully passes his 2nd Degree Black Belt exam in Yamanni-Ryu!

After 12 years of training Sensei Noss was examined by Master Toshihiro Oshiro for his 2nd Degree Black Belt in Yamanni-Ryu Kobudo on April 1st, 2011. The exam was very difficult, and Sensei Noss was required to perform in the weapon desciplines of Bo, Sai, and Tonfa.
EDHSC Karate Club Students Excel in Rank Examinations and Academics
The EDHSC Karate Club held rank examinations for students on March 19th, and all students succeeded in the areas of physical fitness, kata (forms), and self defense to earn their next rank. All in all there were five 9th Kyu (red belt), two 8th Kyu (orange belt), and four 7thKyu (yellow belt) awarded. The students trained very hard for their exams, and their hard work paid off.
In addition to their success in the dojo, all five students that attend William Brooks Elementary School, and are eligible by age, have received the Golden Bear Award (Honor Roll) this school year. Four of the five achieved this award in the last session. Furthermore, two students were presented with special awards by their classmates, one for good sportsmanship, and another for outstanding effort.


EDHSC Karate Club Examinations
Held Saturday, June 1st, 2013
Congratulations to all the students that tested!
You earned your belts, wear them with pride!

Past Exams

Two EDHSC Karate Students Meet Top Ranked Sensei in USA and Japan!
The first weekend of April was pretty special for two students of the EDHSC Karate Club. They had traveled to the Bay Area to watch a Yamanni-Ryu seminar being hosted by Master Toshihiro Oshiro, but were also fortunate to meet with two of Hayashi-Ha's most prominent instructors.
The Top Ranked Sensei in the World is 9th Degree Black Belt Shihan Hashimoto of Osaka, Japan (pictured at left), and the Top Ranked Sensei in the USA, President of Hayashi-Ha USA, 8th Degree Black Belt Shihan Akio Minakami of Seattle, WA (pictured at right).
Sensei Noss was very honored to spend considerable time with Shihan Hashimoto and Shihan Minakami over a three day period.